Hope & Main’s non-profit incubator program gives food businesses the opportunity to grow in their first two to three years without the cost of equipping their own commercial facilities.

We offer shared-use, fully-equipped code-compliant kitchens and storage at below-market rental rates.  Fees cover a number of overhead costs like utilities, cleaning, parking, trash collection and pest control. That way, our members avoid taking on the significant debt typically associated with the establishment of independent culinary startups and can focus on what really matters: building vibrant and sustainable food companies.

To help make that happen, Hope & Main offers a full slate of business supports, including facilities for shipping, receiving, labeling and packaging, workspace for e-commerce and backroom operations, and cooperative purchasing to cut costs and help our companies to compete effectively as they scale up.

As part of the incubator program, we work with each of our food startups to polish their startup ideas and to develop their business models, as well as help cultivate customer connections and distribution opportunities. Food businesses accepted into the incubator program also receive extensive mentoring and immersion in an entrepreneurial environment where they can collaborate with industry experts and peers.

Member companies pay a monthly rental fee based on the number of kitchen hours and storage space used.

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