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Contract Manufacturing

Copacking services for food & beverage manufacturers

Helping food manufacturers scale up to the next level

We offer reliable small-batch manufacturing to enable businesses to scale up, test recipe formulation, pilot new production techniques and realize process efficiencies. This program is designed specifically to create new and better ways for food and beverage entrepreneurs to grow and diversify business.

Our experienced team provides entrepreneurs with a next-level tier of services that allows entrepreneurs more time to focus on expanding brand awareness and driving revenues.

Especially good candidates for this program are food and beverage processors, restaurateurs, caterers and/or food trucks.


Businesses Accepted for Co-packing:

  • New England businesses
  • Existing Hope & Main members looking to scale up
  • Approved minimum and maximum volumes
  • Processes that can use automation vs hand work
  • Finalized recipes

We are not able to accept gluten-free products, baked goods, confections, ice cream, meat products, or products that have not been commercially available yet. Business owners are responsible for all transportation; Hope & Main does not ship or arrange trucking.

What we offer

Opportunities for growth

In addition to our signature Incubation Program for early-stage brand development, we can also help more advanced businesses scale up. Our Contract Manufacturing program focuses on moving brands forward as demand for product increases.

Assistance in HACCP and PC plans as well as creating pricing and costing structures available.

Experience Matters

Our staff of trained culinary professionals can be trusted to learn your process and work efficiently to produce consistent results. We guarantee your product will be made exactly to your standards.

We are committed to your success and value your confidence. Copacking members can rest assured that your recipes and process are protected, safe and secure with a nondisclosure agreement.

What it costs

Like all of our members, copacking member companies pay a monthly membership fee. Costs associated with production are separate and do no include raw materials. 

Customized pricing structure will be provided for each copacking member company.